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Our mission

At Suite Society, we recognize and are responding to a pattern we see in the salon industry.  The majority of stylists go straight from cosmetology school to work in a commissioned salon.  These beauty professionals get a lot in return for being paid 40-50% commission: training, guidance, and ongoing education, to name a few.  The pattern we see is when these stylists get married and start having children, their lives change.  Some people need more flexible schedules and some want more privacy.


The Unite business model is not in competition with traditional salons.  Rather, it is an alternative for those desiring more autonomy. Our passion at Unite is to combine the experience and skill of a traditional salon with the independence and flexibility of owning your own business.


Suite Society leases fully equipped units to seasoned, state-licensed beauty professionals.  We provide the opportunity for a turnkey operation – you unlock the door and everything you need to operate your own salon is beautifully in place.

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