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Our story

Meet Graham and Anna Walt.

Meet Graham and Anna Walt.  You could say theirs is a relationship rooted in beauty.  The couple met at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, in 2004.  Both had been brought up in the salon industry.  Graham’s parents are the owners of four (soon to be five) of the most successful salon and day spas in the Midwest. Anna’s passion for hair led her to earn her cosmetology license from her Aunt’s Prince Edward School of Cosmetology in Virginia.  Upon meeting, Anna and Graham sensed that their similar salon upbringing was no coincidence.  At Lee University, Anna earned a degree in psychology (a hair stylist with an actual psychology degree. Think about it), while Graham earned his degree in business administration.


A marriage of right and left brain.


Since the two married in 2008, they have both been active in the salon industry.  Anna has been a stylist for 13 years and is a certified colorist through Redken.  She is devoted to staying on trend by taking and teaching many classes.  Anna is a member of the Sunlights artisan education team: an educator for Sunlights Balayage for the state of Michigan. She has had the privilege of shadowing Candy Shaw in her salon and seeing her in action (Candy Shaw is the creator of sunlights BALAYAGE Lightener and owner of Jamison Shaw salon in Atlanta, Georgia). Anna was recently one of five Sunlights educators chosen out of 60 plus to teach at Candy’s Academy in Atlanta. 


Graham has been an award winning sales rep for Salon Centric since 2008 and specializes in salon development and education.   In 2012, their family grew by 2.  Anna gave birth to twins, Natalie and Noah.  After adjusting to family life, they began to make plans to open a new business.  They both believe that with Anna’s skills and passion for people, and Graham’s experience in salon growth, and access to resources in this industry, Suite Society is the perfect direction.  And with it, the opportunities for helping others attain success are endless.  Anna and Graham’s guiding principles are: honesty, quality and integrity, a promise they pledge to each and every client, associate and partner.

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