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Salon Suite Services

As a Suite Society member, you’ll  have the resources to ensure your business will be a success.  


One of the most common misconceptions of starting your own salon business is that when you leave your current job you will be on your own and that you will lose educational oppertunities.


Our connections with salon educators across the nation and Anna's ongoing workshops will provide a vast array of resources to anyone who does business at Suite Society. These crucial features set us apart form the competition and allow you to stay current in the quickly changing style driven as a salon professional. We consider this a huge benefit to signing up with us.


We offer:

  • Strategies for business management.

  • Help obtaining professional liability insurance.

  • Guidance in cost-effective buying and selling of product.

  • Assistance with online marketing.

  • Online booking capabilities.

  • Ongoing professional education

If you are interested in classes for the upcoming year OR information about starting your own salon business please click here to start a conversation.

You’ll be in control of your own business, without the fear. And without the usual, enormous, upfront costs of starting from scratch.

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