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What we provide

Licensed beauty professionals who partner with Suite Society will enjoy a private, locking unit, part of a new building complex in a prime, high-traffic location. 


Each individual unit comes complete with state of the art salon lighting, shampoo bowl, styling station, styling chair, and a color bar sink with cabinet storage. 


Accommodations for massage therapists, nail technicians, and aestheticians are also available.  Except for fixed plumbing, suites are customizable to suit your needs, within our coordinated color palate, ensuring a complimentary, contemporary and professional look throughout.

The advantages of membership


Own your own business. Charge your own prices. Make your own schedule. Enjoy online booking capabilities. Utilities and Internet are included in your lease payment, along with weekly maintenance of the common area, a private employee break room, on-site washer and dryer – all with secure, 24-hour access. And just imagine not having to split your profits! 


Fringe benefits


The real beauty of Suite Society is the vast amount of knowledge and support we offer:

Resources for continuing education intended to help you stay up to date in the ever-changing field of beauty.  We offer strategies for business management, help obtaining professional liability insurance, guidance in cost-effective buying and selling of product, and assistance with online marketing.

So you’ll be in control of your own business, without the fear.  And without the usual, enormous, upfront costs of starting from scratch.

On your own
On your own, but not alone.


It’s our passion: Uniting the experience, skill and support of a traditional salon, with the independence and flexibility of owning your own business. We want you to succeed and will be there to help, when you want it, to ensure that you do.


Is a Suite Society right for you? 


  • Have you loved working at a traditional salon and acquired a valuable skill set?

  • Would you like to make your own schedule to accommodate your changing life?

  • Have you developed a full and loyal clientele list?

  • Do you want to own your own business, but not the risks associated with it?

  • Would you like to keep 100% of your profits? 

If the answer is yes, let's talk!
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